Hey…lets get to know me

Hi there, my name is Erinn Flory (duh! That is the title of my blog).  I am a fourth year education student at the University of Regina with the hopes of having my very own social studies (or phys ed!) classroom one day!

On this blog you will read bit about my journey to finishing my degree, my process learning ed tech, my struggle though learning to knit, and a whole bunch of cool education jargon.

This isn’t my first blogging experience, however my other experiences have more or less been about just reflecting on my assignments for classes over the years, not really something that I would use often. However, that is about to change. I plan to update this blog often and hope that I can keep this going throughout my years as a teacher!

This blog is a beginning step for me into using more Ed Tech. I seem to be that teacher that everyone groans about (having trouble using basic technology in front of the class), yet I plan to walk out of this class more prepared than ever to incorporate technology into my future career.

If you want to follow some of the things that I’m talking or thinking about throughout this course, follow my twitter account and keep up with whats on my mind regarding education practices!

So look around ,enjoy and let me know what you think!

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