Okay folks, tonight I began the harrowing journey of knitting. I grabbed my pink medal needles, my rust coloured yarn, my laptop, and plopped myself down in a comfortable chair in my living room. I was determined I was going to do this and that I was going to do this right.

I began watching Knitting Basics: Getting Started  to get me going. However, this video only showed me how to “cast on” (my first new knitting phrase!!) and knit stitch (the easiest chosen stitch) the first row. After this video ended, I found myself looking up at my mom and saying “uhh okay I have my first row but what now??” . I moved onto a video which was longer, leading me to believe that it would show me what to do after the first row of knit stitchs (i.e how on earth I begin my second row). This video, was excellent and show me how to continue on: How to Knit: Easy for Beginners

After this very frustrating and extremely concentrating -I’m talking eyes squinted, body leaned forward, and forehead furrowed- frame of 35 minutes of knitting videos, I successfully made my first few rows of stitches. To say I am proud of myself is an understatement. Look to your right for a picture of my first few rows of progress!

Looking forward to continuing tomorrow!



The First Stitches

4 thoughts on “The First Stitches

    • Hey Hanna, so glad that you’re also trying knitting! I love the chunky knit look that the larger needles give, however, I am actually considering that it might be easier to do with a smaller needle size. The needles that I am currently using are 7mm I believe. I’ll try some things out and let you know!


  1. Great work Erinn! Knitting is a hard skill to learn so props to you for taking on a skill that involves LOTS of patience. Can’t wait to see a finished product later in the semester! Keep it up!!


  2. I really am hoping to learn a thing or two from those of you who are taking on knitting… I’ve been knitting the same scarf since 2011 to give you an idea of how poorly I currently knit! I’m excited to follow your journey!


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