The Longest Yarn…

For my learning project this semester I have chosen to take on the challenge of knitting. I have terrible dexterity and fine motor skills and I really feel as though I will be challenged in this new skill. I once tried knitting as a kid around the age of 10, however, it was too frustrating and I gave up after 1 night. Well, I am back for revenge on my knitting needles and this time I plan to walk away the champion.

On this journey I have set out to try my hand at a few different stitches. I am beginning with the knit stitch, courtesy of “Knitting Basics: Getting Started“. Next, I plan to move onto the Pearl stitch. These stitches will take my a while to get the hang of, but once I do finally catch on, I hope to move on to other stitches (which I haven’t looked into yet because I fear overwhelming myself with how extensive the knitting world is at this point). My plan for my final project to show off my knitting skills (or lack there of) is to make an infinity scarf for myself. I love a good, soft, bulky scarf! So, buckle in everyone, because it’ll be a very slow and bumpy ride.

This journey started today, at Michaels craft store. Where I picked out a rust coloured wool and stained magenta metal knitting needles. After having a short but informative conversation with the cashier, where I informed her about my upcoming knitting project, she informed me that size of needle needed for whatever wool knitters buy is actually labelled on the back of the wool package – I already learned something new and I haven’t even begun to stitch yet! This seems like a good sign.

Well… I’m off to start my journey! Pictures to come! Happy knitting everyone 🙂


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