Educationally Fed by Feedly

This week, I learned about the site Feedly  for the first time, and let me tell you, what an interesting resource it is! No wonder when you download the mobile app it is referred to as the “smart news reader”. Feedly is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to find and share articles quick and easily on the web or social media.

As I began my first search on the website, I was so intrigued by all of the education articles that I found on technology, classroom management, justice in education, resources for the classroom, and so much more! I am able to follow sites on Feedly and view/read the articles that are posted. This follow feature is fantastic because once you find a site that interests you under your topic of choice, (mine so far is education) you are able to view how many articles that particular site usually posts a week! This to me, is a fantastic little detail because with all of the reading that I have to do for school, having another 12 articles a week that I feel I should read would be overwhelming! Therefore, viewing that a site only posts about 1-2 articles a week seems much more manageable to me!

So far, these are the current sites that I am following.

I cannot wait to expand this list as I begin to dig into the site a little more!

Currently, a site that I am following that I really appreciate is “Cult of Pedagogy” which was created by a teacher whom wanted to share resources with others about enjoyable PD opportunities, classroom resources, new education research, and planning ideas!

More to come on my journey through Feedly, but in the mean time give the site a look through, you won’t be disappointed!


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