Tweeting for Twitter Chats

Hey all, this week for EDTC300 we were tasked with joining in on a twitter chat. These chats are facilitated by either one or two people and are based around a specific topic, you can view the tweets in the chat even from those whom you do not follow by using the hashtag of the topic, for example #EdChat.

Yesterday I participated in my first real twitter chat with the page CTEChat which stands for career tech ed. This chat takes place on Tuesdays at 8pm Saskatchewan time. Below is a picture of their twitter page, which the chat takes place from. I also went ahead and followed their moderators who comment on /”like” tweets during the chat.

As the chat started they asked us to introduce ourselves and where we are from, when I tweeted out to them saying that I was a still an education student graduating in April they were thrilled to have a pre-service teacher joining the chat.  The first few questions were about how we use education technology in our program/profession. It was nice having a few softball questions to ease me into my first chat. As the chat progressed they began to asked about policy and policy makers for technology in education, this I chose not to answer since I did not have much experience with policy and policy makers yet. So in total I answered all but one question from the conversation. The whole chat took around 45 minutes and 5 questions were asked.

Overall I say this was a good experience. Everyone participating in the chat was very encouraging and was eager to reply and “like” my very rookie answers to the questions about education technology. The moderators were also awesome with making me feel welcome and included throughout the entire chat, responding well to my tweets and giving me ed tech ideas! I found everything very eye opening looking at everyone else’s answer to questions and just seeing the joy of others participating in conversation with people they had never met in their life.

I’d say my first twitter chat was a definite success!