Hey guys! So for this coding assignment I decided to go onto the coding webside: Hour of Code and screencast my coding experience for you!

I am a coding beginner, I had done it for a semester in high school, I took a multimedia class and one of my assignments was to code a website about myself. Let me tell you, it was one of the most unenjoyable, yet rewarding things ever. I really did not love the process in any way, but the progress reports and finished product was very rewarding to see, I felt accomplished and successful by the end of the semester. However, still when I think of coding I think of one word- “tedious”. I have completely forgotten everything I learned in that grade 10 class, so this assignment is me starting new. On the Hour of Code site I chose to use the Alice in Wonderland game coding for grade 2-5 because before that when I tried the grades 9 plus coding games, it was far too difficult for me to understand (I’m not really a tech person, but I’m learning!). The video below is my experience and some comments on the process!

After this experience we were suppose to answer the question “is coding important, why or why not?”.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t feel that coding is important for students to learn in school. I feel that coding (especially with these online games) is a great assistance for kids learning skills such as math, science, geography, etc. However, I feel that it being a good learning tool, is as far as it goes. I don’t think it is necessary for children to learn how to code on a computer, but I am not against classrooms in any way which feel the need to incorporate it. I myself cannot see coding in my future social studies classroom, since it is not really a program that I am comfortable using for my teaching purposes. That being said, I can see some excellent places where it would fit in with in other subject areas, and with teachers who lean more toward the opinion that coding is an important skill in a child’s learning.

Maybe you have a different opinion or some thoughts about how you would incorporate coding into social studies. If so, i’d love to hear them!

Have a great day guys! Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Coding…ugh.

  1. Hi Erinn,
    The biggest connection that I made between Social Studies and coding is developing critical thinking skills. Because Social Studies includes research, readings, and analysis; it demands critical thinking skills. I believe the same demand is reflected in learning how to code, as it involves piecing together commands in particular orders and trying to problem solve when issues arise. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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