Learning contributions

Hey all! So far my last blog post I am answering the question of “How have you contributed to the learning of others?”. Below I will reference how my involvement in my professional learning network with others has impacted my learning and hopefully my classmates learnings as well.


While using twitter I was able to share articles that expanded  knowledge of classroom interactions and provided ideas for activities and relationship building. In these tweets the hashtag #edtc300 and #edc400 allows my tweets to be seen more easily by my target audience .

As well through twitter I was able to answer students questions or share my own opinion on topics they were tweeting about:

I was also able to join in on Twitter Chats and provide my own viewpoints to people on a large scale social network! The CTE Chat was my favourite, it was very welcoming and inviting, and those facilitating the chat made an effort to reply to as many responses as they could and engage in further questioning with participants. Join in to the chat going to the CTE page (shown below) or using the hashtag #CTEChat!

Through my Slack and my blog I was also able to comment (weekly, however I forgot to screen shot my comments and am having trouble locating them) and ask questions of my classmates as well as share things of my own that I found online to help people along with their learning project, or to help people who want to learn to knit!

An essential part of my blog interaction with others was providing many hyperlinks to the sites and resources I used. If you would like to see all of these hyperlinks in one place, look at my Learning Project Wrap Up Post which links to most of my other posts which contain many links to resources that I used. If you look under my EDTC 300 tab, you will find all of my blog posts which contain links to resources and articles that I blogged about which did not pertain to my learning project.

Throughout this learning project I have had a classmate that supported and encouraged me in this challenging learning time. It was such a fantastic moment when we were able to text each other about the accomplishment of completing our learning projects. We contributed to each others learning by providing support in frustrating times and ideas about how to progress when we felt like we were stuck!

As well, I have tried to contribute to the learning of others by sharing some of the resources and assignments I used during my internship on my internship page in the units of human rights, population, wealth and poverty, Canadian studies, and law.

For other examples of my interactions with others, give my blog a paruse, and click on my twitter account (in my side widget). I hope you find something helpful!

I hope that maybe I contributed to your learning throughout the semester. Because you all have contributed to mine! Thanks for the fun semester everyone, I greatly appreciated the learning and interactions that took place.





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